Carolyn and her team are smart and strategic. They have relationships in Colorado to impact decision makers and mobilize constituencies to influence policy decisions. They are some of the most effective field and communications operatives in our national network. We’ve continued to call on them for our Colorado work and recommend them highly to others.
— Lisa Donner, Executive Director, Americans for Financial Reform
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We led the effort to pass one of the best models for voter participation in the country through passage of same day registration and all mail ballots.  By bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders including voting rights advocates and county clerks--stakeholders who had previously been pitted against one another on such policies--we were able to create an effective lobbying and messaging campaign to pass the bill.  We continue to be on the forefront of defending voting rights and improving access for eligible voters in Colorado.  Colorado now has the fourth best voter participation in the country.


We have advocated to protect women’s right to choose and to create policies that advance access to reproductive health and promote reproductive justice. Our work had included expanded access to reproductive health care, and defeating harmful personhood measures at the capitol and on the ballot. We led the field campaign on the No on 67 personhood amendment which was soundly defeated 65% to 35%. 


While Colorado was one of the first states to make it illegal to discriminate against workers based on gender, race and subsequently sexual orientation, workers who were victims of these types of discrimination were not offered remedies under Colorado’s law.  Colorado was among the eight worst states in the country in this area.  We built a coalition of over fifty businesses, faith leaders and organizations, community organizations and labor and civil rights group to secure passage of a bill to create adequate remedies and give workers justice when they had been discriminated against.  We engaged these groups in a lobbying strategy that accomplished what legal advocates and workers had been fighting for over more than a decade.


We led the grasstops and grassroots advocacy to build support from Colorado’s Congressional delegation to pass the Wall Street Reform bill that created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Our work included building a coalition of advocates and engaging them to conduct grassroots communications to our delegation, conducting meetings and roundtables with our Congress people and Senators and organizing rallies and press events to build support for the bill.  We continue to work for further reform of the financial industry and access to legal rights for consumers and homeowners.


We worked to repeal an onerous “show me your papers” law in Colorado which required law enforcement to report individuals “suspected” of being undocumented to federal immigration authorities.  We educated lawmakers on the racial profiling and violation of legal rights which were occurring, along with the burden placed on local law enforcement and built a coalition of immigrant rights advocates, law enforcement and local governments to repeal the bill.


Colorado has been a national leader in establishing a renewable energy standard for well over a decade. We have continually worked to defend this standard against attacks at the state legislature.  In addition, we have established meaningful cleanup standards for uranium mines, legalized the residential use of rain barrels, increased penalties for oil and gas drilling violations and protected Colorado’s public lands.



  • HB 16-1438 Employer Accommodations Related to Pregnancy

  • SB 15-268 Offenses Against Unborn Children (defeated)

  • HB 15-1128 Women’s Health Protection Act (defeated)

  • HB 13-1081 Comprehensive Human Sexuality K-12 Education

  • SB 11-77 Sunset Teen Pregnancy and Dropout Prevention Program


  • HB 18-1256 Sunset Continue Civil Rights Division And Commission

  • HB 15-1172 & HB 15-69 Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act Repeal Legislation (defeated)

  • HB 13-1136 The Job Protection and Civil Rights Act of 2013

  • HB 13-1222 The Family Care Act of 2013


  • HB 14-1164 Nonpartisan Elections Not Coordinated by County Clerks

  • SB 14-161 Update Uniform Election Code of 1992 or the “Election Cleanup Bill”

  • HB 13 1303 Colorado Voter Access and Modernized Elections Bill.


  • SB 14-061 Refer Illegal Aliens to ICE After Conviction (defeated)

  • HB 13-1258 The Community and Law Enforcement Trust Act


  • HB 16-1114 Repeal Duplicate Reporting Requirements

  • SB 14-005 Wage Protection Act

  • SB 13-001 Colorado Working Families Economic Opportunity Act

  • HB 12-1046 Colorado Works Program Drug Testing Requirement (defeated)


  • SB 16-203 Evaluation of the State's Tax Expenditures

  • HB 14-1018 Tax Profile & Expenditure Report

  • SB 12-124 Eliminate Regional Tourism Project Limit (defeated)


  • HB 15-1273 Comprehensive School Discipline Reporting

  • HB 13-1006 K-12 Breakfast After The Bell Nutrition Program

  • SB 12-46 School discipline Reform


  • SB 18-001 Transportation funding including dedicated funds for multi-modal transportation

  • HB 17-1356 Test Lead in Public Schools’ Drinking Water

  • HB 16-1005 Residential Precipitation Collection (Rainbarrels)

  • HB 14-1356 Strengthen Penalty Authority Oil & Gas Commission


  • Save our Neighborhoods- NO on Amendment 74 (2018)

  • Coloradans to Stop Predatory Payday Loans- Yes on Prop 111 (2018)

  • Personhood Amendment—“No on 67” Campaign (2014)

  • Coloradans for Safe Communities—“Vote No on Impound” Campaigns (2009 & 2010)

  • Americans for Financial Reform (2010)