MEGHAN RAYNES brings a decade of experience in social justice activism, victim advocacy, lobbying and academic research and writing. She joined Siegel PA in the fall of 2014 and has built strong relationships with legislators and other advocates.  Known for attention to detail and an ability to grasp complicated issues coupled with effective lobbying and coalition building Ms. Raynes is effective in assisting her clients with successful legislative campaigns. She has worked on issues ranging from implementing a statewide paid family and medical leave program, pregnancy accommodations for Colorado workers, the re-authorization of the Colorado Civil Rights Division, the implementation of the Earned Income Tax Credit to policies addressing the student debt crisis and transparency requirements for how Colorado’s public dollars are spent. Meghan has strong relationships at the Capitol and in the community and is respected for her effective lobbying and coalition-building skills.

Prior to coming to Colorado her work included serving as the Director of Domestic Violence Services at the Autumn House Domestic Violence Shelter in Mesa, Arizona. She also served as the Chair of the Arizona Refugee Committee and Co-Chair of the Arizona Domestic Violence Coordinating Committee. Additionally, Ms. Raynes is an experienced public speaker, having facilitated hundreds of support groups, given educational presentations to high school and college students, and led many trainings for businesses and non-profit organizations. Meghan was a featured speaker at the November 2010 Counterpoint Conference, July 2012 National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Conference and the 2014 Sunstone Symposium.

Ms. Raynes has an undergraduate degree in Women’s History and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Colorado, Denver. She lives in Northeast Denver with her husband and four children.