KATIE DUNN joined Siegel Public Affairs in January 2016 upon moving to Colorado. Previously, she worked in Washington, D.C. as a policy analyst on the District’s homelessness and housing issues. There, she led the development of the nation’s first coordinated entry housing system for homeless and at-risk youth.  Additionally, she led the passage of the nation’s most progressive Safe Harbor law, addressing the intersection of child welfare, human trafficking, and law enforcement.

 She earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Notre Dame and her Master of Science from the University of Oxford.  As an undergraduate, she studied abroad in Thailand and Uganda. Upon earning her bachelors, she lived in India for a year where she worked for a legal organization that aided in investigating and prosecuting cases of human trafficking.  She is looking forward to putting down roots in Colorado. 

Since joining Siegel PA, Ms. Dunn has focused on issues of civil rights, particularly voting rights and the right to legal recourse.  She is passionate about the link between justice and quality affordable housing.  Ms. Dunn is also an experienced hand at electoral campaigns and is strong addition to Siegel PA’s campaign management work.