ELLIOT WILLIAMS joined Siegel Public Affairs at the end of 2013.  He has built a reputation for effective lobbying and advocacy at the capitol over the three sessions he has been with the firm and has strong relationships with legislators and other advocates.  Mr. Williams’ strengths include research and policy analysis along with civic engagement and leadership development.  He has a wide range of skills that include organizing and managing large diverse groups, staff and volunteers, professional development and team building.  Since coming to Siegel, he has worked on issues including immigrant rights, environmental conservation,reproductive justice, educational equity and fiscal policy.

Mr. Williams has over ten years of experience in the areas of non-profit advocacy and community development in the US and Latin America.  His community development work has ranged from Chicago to Southern Mexico and Guatemala, promoting educational opportunities and economic empowerment for communities.  He also ran a youth voter outreach campaign in Wisconsin and did advocacy research and writing while living Bolivia. Additionally, he has hands on experience with the challenges and program needs of elderly and disabled individuals as a caseworker serving those constituencies. 

He earned his Bachelor of Arts in History and Anthropology at Tulane University in 2001 and his Masters of Arts in Sustainable Development at the SIT Graduate Institute in 2008.